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Create and join a room

How does it work

1. Create your room

You can choose your own room name or keep the one we generated for you

2. Share

Just copy-paste the link of the room or send an invitation by email

3. Start

Your guests join the conference by clicking the link, you can start to talk with them

Easy Web Conferencing

Bring your team together

Easy Web Conferencing

In brief


Izeeconf is a simple and immersive remote meeting solution, with quick one-click access for full collaboration between teams and clients, wherever they are and on all kind of devices.


Join, present and manage your audio, video and web meetings instantly, from a meeting room, an office or any other place. Thanks to HD video streaming and collaboration features, your virtual meetings are more productive than ever before.

Why using izeeconf?


Thanks to our intuitive and unified user experience create or join a webconference from any device

Conference in a click

Schedule or start ad-hoc webconferences with your team or with external user (customers, partners…) in a click


Streamline team collaboration and partners interactions with a set of WebRTC-based real-time communication features


Don’t put your data at risk. Apizee’s video conference technology is 100% European and the data is encrypted and secured.

Works on every browser

No downloads or installation required


Key features

No registration or downloads

Create your virtual rooms easily for scheduled or ad-hoc meetings. Invite your guests through email or SMS invitations. Guests wont have to register or make any download to join, they just need the link room.

Group video conferencing

Invite up to 50 participants with flexible sharing and video layouts.


Lock your virtual conference rooms for private meetings. Room settings allow you to set a password to join the web conference or set a waiting room for guests which are allowed to join the conference only after the moderator approval.

Never be late

If you’re a Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar user, you’ll see your meetings on your calendar. Each appointment displays the organizer name and invitation and start time. You can also set reminder to keep you on track. When it’s time for your meeting, you just need to click the link and join.

Collaboration tools

Share your documents, presentations and video clips in a click thanks to the screen share and file transfer. You can show your entire screen or a single application.

If necessary, you can also take remote snapshots, make annotations on the picture and save the medias that you will find later on your conferences list.


Save the video, audio and medias exchanged for sharing at the end of a meeting.

Live streaming

Broadcast your conference and reach millions live thanks to our live stream Youtube integration

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